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eMail - Hot, Flat, or Ho-Hum?
Stats Reporting tells part of the story. A Big Part.

The Magic Bullet is "connecting". Getting through the mess of mass messaging banging into our eyes every day.

eMail is a method to distribute a message. It's a tool. Content - both written and visual can set it apart.

The most interesting question when someone sees email stats  is often - "why such a low open rate?" And really - one can't say a good open rate or a bad open rate without some background about "Industry Averages".

The conversation starts with an acknowledgement of Average eMail News Open Rates that range from 17% to 21%. That's it that's all.

Constant Contact and Mail Chimp, two of the largest email advertising - newsletter distributors provide those numbers, and the following as "Statistics".

Open Rates, as reported by:
Mail Chimp October 2019
Average for Real Estate - 19.17%
Average across 46 Industries - 21.33%

Constant Contact Sep 2020, updated Oct 8, 2020
Average for Real Estate - 14.53%
Average across 33 Industries - 17.16%

Translation is ....
If your eMail advertising Newsletter campaigns reveal a 20% Open Rate, you're in the zone.  If you're up at 30% you're a Super-Star by Real Estate Industry averages.


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