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Loop CRM Manage the Contacts You Market to.

Loop CRM includes – eNews Email both Automated & Custom, Geo eMail, and Geo Calling, Life Events, DayStarter email, Daily Call List, Sales Hub and more. PLUS you can opt-in to features that include Referral Thank You Cards, and KiTS VDP “WOW” Calendars.

KiTS Plus:  $18.95/mo add-on
You have ALL of the above features & wins. Using KiTS Plus you can add ALL of your Contacts, Friends, Family, Associates, and Prospects into Loop CRM.

PLUS, because KiTS Plus lets you add Contacts on-the-fly, KiTS Lead Captures become active. This adds eMarketing Mail, Web Lead Captures, and Automated Action Plans, LAnding Pages & Ready-to-go Social Media Content into your KiTS Cross Media Marketing Suite.

KiTS - One Button. One Place. Marketing & CRM.

You. Your Colours. Your Logo. Your Tagline.

And we use VDP Variable Data Publishing to go further. Publishing by House Type, and by the kind of Relationship you have with each different Contact. WHY? Because when you personalize and speak to how they live and where - it is meaningful and therefore relevant, so people are receptive to your information - and therefore to you!

Go ahead - test us. Let's set up a call.

GREAT!! - we'd be delighted to schedule an online walk-through of KiTS & Loop. The more you want to know, the more we want to share.

And anytime you have questions, we’re here for you.

KiTS - One Button. One Place. Marketing & CRM.

Even if they you –
Do they think of you when it comes to Mortgages?
And, do they think of you first?

Meaningful Marketing –
Engages your audience at regular intervals to build MindShare.
Everybody you know – is different.
Some are Family & Friends.
Others are Past Clients, or Potential Clients.
And others are your COI – Circle of Influence.

Market to each of your Contacts based on how you know them.
And what type of home they live in.
KiTS combines how you know "them', with where they live, 1 by 1. This creates relevant, more engaging communications, from ”you” to “them”.

Sending to 150 Contacts?
Using KiTS, now you’ll send 150 personalized marketing communicators –
each and every one different.


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